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September Special Events & Outings

We’ve got a full month of exciting events and outings planned. Come join us!

September 3rd  | 11:30am – Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giants at Coor’s Field

September 8th | 6:30pm – Alligator the Crazy Cowboy Performance

September 10th | 11:00am – Cheescake Factory Lunch Outing at Park Meadows Mall

September 17th | 9:30am – Denver Zoo Outing including box lunch

September 19th  | 11:30am – Golden Trailblazers Luncheon at Overland High School

September 24th  | 11:15am – Smashburger Lunch Outing

September 24th  | 6:30pm -8:00 pm – Fall Fifties Homecoming Dance with Elvis!

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