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Maddie’s Mover of the Month

Let me introduce you to this month’s mover…Norman! Norman is 75 years young and goin’ strong! He’s lived at the Square now for about eight months. Staff and residents who know Norm can honestly say he’s all around a great guy! When it comes to physical training, Norman means serious business; he practically lives in the gym. He works out (on his own) EVERY SINGLE DAY, attends Sit ‘n Fit in the mornings, and trains with Maddie two days a week. He is the epitome of a “gym rat.”

Norman grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. Eventually, he began working for the railroad. Norman was the head of inspection and ultrasonic (looking inside pieces of metal for flaws). His career took him all over the states! He did this for 31 years, before retiring. Some of Norm’s favorite hobbies are: metal working, wood working, watching TV, and following politics. The things he enjoys most about living at Harvard Square include: the gym, the food, drinking his Heineken at “Happy Hour,” and “chasing girls” (jokingly 🙂 ). The wisdom and life advice Norm imparted me with is the following: “Stay healthy. Keep your mind educated. Use your body and mind as long as you can, it will make you feel good about yourself.” There’s no contest that Norman is an absolute stud, but as a person, he is endearingly bashful, kind, receptive, disciplined, and motivated. These are the qualities I appreciate about him the most, along with his teasing. Congrats, pal! You deserve it! Keep on thrivin’!

-Maddie (H.S. Fitness Coordinator/Personal Trainer)          

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