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Maddie’s Mover of the Month

Let me introduce you to this month’s mover…Lorraine! She’s lived at the Square now for close to three months. In the short amount of time she’s been here, Lorraine has fit right in, and has become one heck of an addition to our Harvard Square family! When it comes to fitness, Lorraine is the ideal learner and class participant to teach–she attends Sit ‘n Fit religiously Monday through Friday and exercises in her apartment on her “down time.” I appreciate her dedication, consistency, and the value she places on health and wellness, but more than that, how vocal she is about it. Lorraine swears by exercise and how it has improved the functionality of her hand that’s been affected by nerve and tendon damage and muscular atrophy.

Whether she knows it or not, Lorraine’s positive feedback after class has reinforced the “why” behind what I do! Synonymously, Lorraine’s hard work has greatly encouraged and motivated my own! Lorraine is a Colorado native who grew up on her family’s farm in North Eastern, Colorado. She misses the “veggie garden and beautiful flowers.” She worked a total of 40 years for Frontier Airlines (which she raved about) and as a secretary for a petroleum engineering firm where she served as the business’s “right hand man”. Lorraine was a very active volunteer and member of her home church, the original St. John’s Lutheran in Denver, which eventually relocated across the ever popular Washington Park. Ironically, the same K-8 school and church I (Maddie) attend to this day, I soon learned that Lorraine knew my grandpa’s mom, Doris, who often helped out with the original church’s three-act-plays that Lorraine acted in! Small world!

When she wasn’t involved with church activities, Lorraine enjoyed playing badminton, skiing, going for walks, and pruning shrubs. Some of her current, favorite hobbies and things about Harvard Square include: group exercise, getting to know all her friendly and helpful peers and neighbors, and lastly, the “fun that goes on in the dining room.” Lorraine’s best life advice she gave me is: “Be happy. Live simply. Be active in church and exercise your faith!” And my personal favorite, “you’re only as old as you think you are!” Congrats, Lorraine! I’m delighted to know you! There’s not a more affable, giggly, and easy to talk to person. Thanks for being YOU: pleasant and lovely! Keep on thrivin’!

-Maddie (H.S. Fitness Coordinator/Personal Trainer)

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  1. Posted on 05/27/16 by Sophie

    Wonderful write up, inspirarional!!

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