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Maddie’s Gym at Harvard Square

Welcome! I’m Maddie Vincel, your Fitness Coordinator and Personal Trainer. I graduated from Arapahoe Community College with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science and also am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (the gold standard), as a personal trainer. Most recently, I became CDP (Certified Dementia Practitioner) certified as well. I love my job! I particularly enjoy working with our senior residents to maintain health and fitness by utilizing our “Lean Mean Sr. Machines” – a special population whom I have a great affinity for! I’m passionate about emphasizing and educating on the value and importance of one’s health and wellness in relationship to their mind-body connection. This significantly affects a person’s quantity and quality of life! My mission is to help people live their best life, regardless of their age! I’m looking forward to many fulfilling and rewarding years at Harvard Square and living out a caring role, for this old soul. I hope to see YOU down in the gym or in class soon! come move a muscle with me!

Contact information:
Email: mvincel@watermarkcommunities.com
Phone: 1-303.696.0622
Office: Gym on 1st floor (next to hair salon)

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